A Day in the Life

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Before School

Students may arrive on campus as early as 6 am. Before school, students may study and socialize with friends in our Crusader Cafe, where hot breakfast is served daily.


St. Dominic classes take place on a rotating block schedule, with each class meeting for 85 minutes every other day. This format helps students dive deep into curriculum and prepare for a collegiate schedule. Here’s an example of one week might look like:

Sample block schedule format

No two days are exactly the same, with many classes taking advantage of our 50-acre campus. On any particular day, your class might meet in the Learning Commons, on the Performing Arts Center stage or in one of our outdoor learning spaces.

Family Time

All students and faculty are members of one of six "houses" on campus. Each house consists of six "families" of faculty mentors and students of all grades and interests. These small groups meet daily between first and second period for “Family Time,” a 15-minute period that allows for spiritual and social support.

Empower Hour

Situated midday between second and third period, Empower Hour offers flexible time for students to eat lunch with friends and explore personal interests. Every faculty member hosts office hours during Empower Hour, enabling students to seek one-on-one assistance.

After School

Our campus is abuzz for many hours after the bell rings. Students may study with a peer tutor in the Learning Commons or take part in St. Dominic’s many sports, student organizations and stage productions. The campus is open through the evening, offering a “home away from home” for busy students and their families.

“I love the relationships I have with my friends and teachers. I love showing up to school and feeling welcomed.”

Abby ’21


Nathan Tock

Nathan Tock

Assistant Principal for Student Life

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