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Called to Lead: The Campaign for St. Dominic

As we have grown from a small, rural parish school to a thriving, suburban college preparatory school, the St. Dominic community's faith, dedication and support have remained constant.

Called to Lead: The Campaign for St. Dominic reminds each of us not only of our shared history, but also of our common call:

  • To deepen students' relationships with Christ through PRAYER, and to live as Christ has taught us.
  • To inspire the pursuit of excellence in academic STUDY by enhancing STEM opportunities.
  • To expand our presence in the COMMUNITY through sustained campus and enrollment growth.
  • To immerse our students in the SERVICE of others as they embrace Christ's call in their lives.

Together, we are called to build on this legacy by developing our students into leaders for generations to come.



Jim Welby

Jim Welby

Sarah Wehde

Sarah Wehde

Director of Advancement