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Close-up shot of students in a crowd at a pro-life demonstration
A student distributes communion to another student during a school Mass
Three high school students help an older man load toilet paper into a truck
Eight high school students lie in a circle on grass
A group of 19 high school students poses in a classroom with a homemade sign

Our Catholic faith is at the core of our identity at St. Dominic High School. In addition to our four-year religion curriculum and seven faith-based student organizations, the student body regularly participates in Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation services and retreats.

“I love the community that is built upon friendships and faith.”

Conner ’18
Student holding plaque at table in a banquet hall

"Clayton is very humble about the service he does," said campus minister Shelley Lang. "But get him talking about his relationship with the individuals he has worked with and his whole face lights up. He has made some great relationships with his service."


Shelley Lang

Shelley Lang

Campus Minister
Andrew Struttmann

Andrew Struttmann

Campus Minister, Teacher

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