Daily Schedule

As we remain committed to the physical, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of our students and staff, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to adjust our daily school schedule, including changes to Family Time and Empower Hour.

Effective Wednesday, August 26, St. Dominic High School will follow a new daily schedule. These schedules may be revised based on school needs or changing guidelines/restrictions.


Daily Schedule

More detailed information regarding Lunch Period and Overtime is available below.

Lunch Period

The lunch period consists of two shifts in which teachers and students will eat lunch or have a structured Empower period. Students will be assigned a teacher-supervised classroom during the structured Empower period. Students can use this time for homework, games on iPads, listen to music, reach out for academic help, and/or make up a test/quiz if arranged by their teacher. Mass will be available three times a week to students during the first half of the lunch period.

How does a student sign up for academic help or counselor visit? Students can arrange an appointment by speaking with their teacher/counselor, or a teacher/counselor may invite students for appointments. The teacher will invite them verbally and send an email to the student with the date and time. The student will show the Empower period teacher their invitation email. Learning consultants are available during this time by appointment only.

How does a student notify faculty that they are attending Mass? If a student chooses to attend Mass (only offered at the beginning of the lunch period), the student will scan the QR code in the chapel. All grade levels have the opportunity to attend Mass. If a junior or senior attends Mass, they are not attending the structured Empower period and will instead eat during Lunch B. If a freshman or sophomore attends Mass, they are not attending the structured Empower period and they would eat during their normal lunch time.

Where students can eat lunch: With our additional tables, students may eat in the following
areas: Crusader Cafe, Small Gym, Mezzanine, Connecting Commons (indoors and outdoors), Oak Grove and Senior Tables outside the Main Entrance. Students are expected to sit in every other seat during lunch. Students must wear their mask when they finish eating their lunch.


Overtime allows students to get one-on-one academic assistance, attend Mass, make up quizzes/tests, be involved in clubs or prepare for their afternoon activities. All teachers will be available for the entire overtime period. Teachers may request/invite students to attend overtime for academic help just as teachers would during the original Empower Hour. This is an important time for all of our students to use wisely.

Athletic practices will not begin before 3:10 pm. If an athlete is not participating in a club or academic office hours with a teacher, they may use this time to seek treatment from the athletic trainer, fill their individual water bottles and dress for practice. 


Jim Welby

Jim Welby