ImPACT Assessment

Each student is required to complete the ImPACT computerized assessment prior to participating in St. Dominic’s athletics program. This data is used for baseline comparison purposes in the event of a concussion.

ImPACT assessments will take place online. Freshman and junior athletes, as well as any sophomores or seniors without an assessment on file, must complete an updated assessment.

For questions, please contact Ruth Young at

ImPACT Instructions

  1. You will need the internet to take this test. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.
  2. In Google Chrome, launch Google Chrome is the only browser compatible with this assessment.
  3. Enter Customer Code: MQHA9SDYUP (Select "Validate," then "Launch Baseline Test.")

Before You Start the Assessment

  • Please take the assessment in a quiet place, away from distractions and other people.
  • No cell phones, iPad or watches. Turn them off or on silent!
  • Read very carefully!
  • Concentrate!
  • You will be required to have a valid test to participate in any athletics.
  • You may use a mouse or trackpad. A mouse is preferred.

As You Start (Additional Demographics)

  • Click on "Enter Additional Demographics."
  • Use your full legal name and St. Dominic email address. If you do not yet have an SDHS email, please use a parent's email address or your personal email.
  • Year Completed:
    • Freshmen (Class of 2026): 8 years
    • Sophomores (Class of 2025): 9 years
    • Juniors (Class of 2024): 10 years
    • Seniors (Class of 2023): 11 years
  • Sport: Indicate the sport you intend to play (football, soccer, volleyball, cheer, softball, basketball, lacrosse, etc.)
  • Position: Enter position (guard, forward, center, goalie, quarterback, receiver, libero, pitcher, pole vault, etc.)
    • If competing in cheer, dance, cross country, tennis, golf or swimming, leave this line blank.
  • Current Level: High School
  • Years Played at This Level: If you have participated in this sport every year during high school:
    • Freshmen: 0
    • Sophomores: 1
    • Juniors: 2
    • Seniors: 3
  • Symptoms: How you currently feel (right now, as you take the test)

At the End of the Assessment

  • Email the confirmation to your St. Dominic email. If you don't yet have an SDHS email address, use a parent's email address or your personal email.
  • Save as PDF, click up arrow, share in folder, right click, and rename (First Name and Last Name – Impact)
  • Upload your PDF into Privit following the instructions in the video below.
    • Select "Manage Documents"
    • Select "Upload Documents"
    • Choose file (Remember, it’s in your downloads.)
    • Document Type: ImPACT Test
    • Upload (Please be patient; it can be slow to upload.)
  • If your test is invalid, Ruth Young (athletic trainer) will contact you regarding next steps.


Uploading to Privit


Ruth Young

Ruth Young

Athletic Trainer

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