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Using zSpace's three-dimensional virtual and augmented reality technology, St. Dominic High School students experience learning through touching, feeling and seeing the subject matter they are studying.

In St. Dominic's 15-unit zSpace lab, students wear special glasses and use a stylus resembling a pen to navigate STEM-focused virtual and augmented reality apps. For example, an anatomy student can study the heart by picking up the organ, rotating it to examine valves and chambers and removing structures to see inside. Users can even feel the heartbeat, toggling between a typical heart rate and cardiac arrest.

"I felt like i was really a part of the world the screen was showing. In my chemistry class, I was able to learn about some of the 3D structures of an atom, something I wouldn't have been able to learn on a dry erase board.

Caleb '21


Doug Small

Doug Small

Director of Technology

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