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Visiting Priests to Offer Students Various Liturgical Perspectives

Empower Hour Mass took on a new meaning for Malachi Gnade ’22 Tuesday.

The chance to listen to the Word of God from a former St. Dominic student, Father Dane Westhoff ’01, offered a different perspective, Gnade said.

“I see how St. Dominic changed (his) life,” Gnade said. “It makes sense that I can see how school is making a change in my faith and my life, too. It is definitely important to see the impact faith can have from different angles.”

Fr. Westhoff, who is assigned to St. Joseph’s in Cottleville, is one of 10 visiting priests who will say Mass either before school or during Empower Hour this semester, said that he felt being able to hear the Word of God from differing perspectives is extremely beneficial.

“The way priests emphasize different parts of the Mass, I think, is healthy because people will start taking a lot of different sections out of it,” Westhoff said. “Whether it might be a priest’s reverence toward the Gospel, of a priest’s reverence towards the Eucharist or reverence towards the Eucharistic Prayer how they sing, I think it is kind of interesting and healthy to have different priests emphasize different parts and they do so naturally.”

Mass is offered nearly every day, either before school or during Empower Hour. Check the Daily Bulletin for Mass schedules.

Other Mass celebrants this semester will include: Father Bob Suit, Father Eddie Godefroid, Father Gerson Parra, Father Joe Wormack, Father Peter Fonseca, Father Brian Fischer, Father David Hogan, Father Rich Rath, Father Nick Kastenholz and Father Mike Lydon.

Fr. Westhoff said that while every Mass he celebrates is special, the chance to return to the halls of St. Dominic where he went to school does add something special.

“Wherever I celebrate Mass is already a pleasure,” Westhoff said. “Any place is an honor but to come back here is kind of neat. It’s nice to see the Chapel has been redone since I walked y it so many years ago. It’s been 20 years. It’s great.”  

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