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State honors 14 St. Dominic students as part of the Glory of Missouri awards

Thursday morning in the Sr. Mary Bender Lobby, 14 St. Dominic sophomores were recognized as honorees by the Missouri House of Representatives as part of the annual Glory of Missouri Award.

The award is bestowed upon high school sophomores for their written essays pertaining to one of 14 virtues representing the Glory of Missouri.

Sophomores honored and the virtues their essays covered include: Abigail Ryan: ‘Knowledge;’ Myer Pistorius: ‘Liberty;’ Katelyn Thornhill: ‘Equality;’ Samuel Paris: ‘Law;’ Julia Bauche: ‘Justice;’ Anna Burcham: ‘Fraternity;’ Ellie Kraus: ‘Education;’ Charlene Jordan Dale: ‘Progress;’ Luke Zelnis: ‘Honor;’ Kaylee Garrett: ‘Truth;’ Hannah Bergman: ‘Virtue;’ Gavin Stewart: ‘Temperance;’ Jackson Overton: ‘Enterprise;’ and Kelly Welby: ‘Charity.’

The students will be also recognized as part of the annual St. Dominic Awards Night ceremony May 13.

St. Dominic Principal Stacy Stewart said she is excited to see both the results of the competition and what possibilities lay ahead in the future for the honorees.

“I am excited to honor these 14 students who are at a place in their life when their actions, thoughts, and voice are being noticed,” Stewart said. “In this selection process, it is hard for students to write about themselves and I am so thankful for the students who chose to participate on their own, or after a teacher had nominated them for one or more virtues. That teacher nomination just gives enough nudge to the student to take a chance at earning the Glory Award. It also gives them that feel good moment that a teacher has recognized them for who they are, who they are becoming, and the impact they have and will make on our St. Dominic community.”

The Glory of Missouri Award will be a Courtesy Resolution awarded by the Missouri House of Representatives. The resolutions are formal documents drafted to recognize a special occasion, an outstanding person or achievement. 

The Glory of Missouri Award has been signed by local Representative Nick Schroer and is personalized with each student’s name and the corresponding virtue defined within the context of the Glory of Missouri.

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