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St. Dominic Glory Award Recipients Honored at State Capitol


14 high school students holding plaques and adult pose for a photo in the Missouri State Capitol

Congratulations to St. Dominic High School's 2019 Glory of Missouri Award recipients. The Glory of Missouri Awards recognize 14 students, each representing one of the virtues engraved in the House Chamber that make up the Glory of Missouri.

Rep. Nick Schroer recognized the following sophomores and their families at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City:

  • Charity: Mollie Fogarty
  • Education: Eli Fogarty
  • Enterprise: Emily Bross
  • Equality: Anna Clark
  • Fraternity: Kennedy Mueller
  • Honor: Joseph Hogan
  • Justice: Elizabeth Petruso
  • Knowledge: Brody Luektenhaus
  • Law: Stephen Reid
  • Liberty: Mary Ellen Raymo
  • Progress: Elianna Hagan
  • Temperance: Charlie Wehde
  • Truth: Josie Pagano
  • Virtue: Andrew Belarde

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