St. Dominic celebrates ACT success with 30-plus Club

St. Dominic High School honored 20 of its students Thursday as part of its 30-plus Club, for scoring a 30 or higher on their ACT.

Students were awarded certificates to commemorate their achievement and were also treated to breakfast in the Sr. Mary Bender Lobby.

The students recognized Thursday were: Molly Albrecht, Dylan Bateman, Emily Bross, David Daum, Ben Eusterbrock, Audrianna Harper, Joe Hogan, Nathaniel Kemp, Olivia Knobbe, Taylor Larner, Tori Larner, Brody Luetkenhaus, Ashley Martinez, Daniel Montgomery, Kathleen Nero, James Norris, Josephine Pagano, Mary Ellen Raymo, Sean Walsh, Charlie Wehde, and Brian Wolf.

St. Dominic principal Stacy Stewart, ’89, said that the success achieved by these students through their hard work is just the beginning of a bright future.

“We are excited to be honoring the academic accomplishment by these students,” Stewart said. “The students who earn a score of 30 or above are in the top 95th percentile in the nation. It is an incredible accomplishment and we are proud of each of these individuals. These students are headed to great colleges to further explore their dreams and aspirations, and we are proud that they are representing St. Dominic.”

Stewart added that the success achieved by the 30-plus Club isn’t just a by-product of the student’s hard work, it’s a result of the educational environment fostered at St. Dominic.

“St. Dominic continues to grow strong academic students with the hard work of our teachers,” Stewart said. “They continue to stand strong and believe in one of our important pillars, study. By living our mission, our students are excelling.”  

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