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Making Dominic a "Little Bit" Better

St. Dominic is on its way to being more eco friendly. The Little Bits Sustainability club is bettering the campus one step at a time. They have been encouraging students to make an impact on the environment both inside and outside of school. 

Their first project was all about recycling. They marked trash bins to separate plastics and paper. Better organization of recycling helps prevent pollution and helps save energy. The Little Bits Sustainability is already seeing improvements through their projects. 

“This semester we are making a butterfly potted garden and a water bowl for butterflies,” said club moderator Mrs. Jennifer Pontello. 

The next step for the club is to help the environment around St. Dominic by planting a butterfly garden. The importance of a butterfly garden is to help preserve nature. When the garden is planted, butterflies will have a space where they can stop by on campus to get shelter, water, and sun. 

“We wanted to show students that by even doing just a little bit of something, we can make a big impact,” said Mrs. Pontello.

Once the garden is complete, the Little Bits Sustainability club will be making a video to show students how to make their own garden at home. The club is putting hard work into bettering St. Dominic. Make sure to check them out on the first and third Monday of the month, first half of empower hour in room 325!

- Alyssa Baird '23, Crusader Nations News Staff Writer

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