House Cup is Coming Up!

House Cup is Coming Up!

As the school year’s end is quickly sneaking up, and there are only three competitions left for each house to try and climb their way up the leaderboard for first place and the House Cup. There is also one last fundraising opportunity for the Houses to gather as a unit and support a great cause.

The final challenges for houses to compete and try to gain points are in the Nitroball tournament taking place over the next two weeks, the Boy’s Volleyball Attendance event April 7th and the school assembly taking place on April 26th. The Nitroball champion will receive 20 points, and the House with the most members in attendance at the game will receive 25. If one House can gain all three, there is no doubt that they will take one of the top two spots on the leaderboard.

As the House system is still fairly new to St. Dominic, the administration team plans to add four all-school assemblies throughout the year next year. These assemblies will be filled with small competitions as well as opportunities for Houses to earn points more frequently.

“I think, very simply, the House system provides an additional place to belong for all of our students. And unlike other groups (sports, clubs, theater, etc.) there is no minimum requirement, ability level, or prerequisites necessary. You just come as you are and you are home,” Mrs. Schuler said.

Giving students a House at St. Dominic not only grants them the opportunity to feel welcomed, but also lets them know they play an important role in the school. No other schools have a student body organized like St. Dominic and its House system. The comroderie and teamwork each House displays every year to gain the House Cup represents one of our core values: community. With the school year coming to a close, we must remember to gather and give strength to those around us, because it is the community that will keep us going through adversity and lead us to success.

- Josephine Berra '23, Crusader Nations News Staff Writer

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