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Tuition Assistance: Grants, Scholarships and Financial Aid

St. Dominic families have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance to help with the cost of tuition. This is divided into two main types of assistance: scholarships/grants and Archdiocesan tuition assistance.

Money given by a person, family, organization, the Archdiocese of St. Louis or St. Dominic High School to help pay for a student's tuition. Scholarships may be merit-based or need-based.

Applications for the following scholarships and financial assistance programs will be made available February 1, 2018, and are due March 16, 2018. Scholarships are awarded each May.

Class of 2022 Scholarship Application
Class of 2019/2020/2021 Scholarship Application

Merit-Based Scholarships (applicants must meet specific criteria)

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Amy Dickherber Memorial Scholarship
  • Legacy Scholarship (formerly Alumni Scholarship)

Merit-Based Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen (open to Class of 2022; applicants must meet specific criteria)

  • Composition Scholarship
  • First Responder Family Scholarship
  • Leadership Scholarship
  • Military Family Scholarship
  • Outstanding Service Scholarship
  • Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Robotics Scholarship
  • STEM Scholarship
  • Visual Arts Scholarship

Need-Based Scholarships (tied to financial need as well as certain criteria; financial need is demonstrated through the FACTS Grant & Aid assessment process)

  • Dolly Reller Scholarship
  • Dominican Scholarship

Tuition Assistance

  • Tuition Assistance: Offered to St. Dominic families who demonstrate need through the FACTS Grant & Aid assessment process.
  • Summer Work Program: Available for students whose families demonstrate financial need. The 2018 Summer Work Program application is due Friday, March 16.


The Archdiocese of St. Louis offers limited tuition assistance programs. Funds are available for parish employees through the Parish Employee Endowment Fund.

The Archdiocese also offers the Catholic Family Tuition Assistance Program with funds coming from an endowment. Families interested in this program must also complete the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation application to qualify. Online applications will January 29, 2018. Deadline is February 28, 2018.



For questions about St. Dominic tuition and financial aid, please contact Sandy Sachs at (636) 240-8303 ext. 116 or