Transfer Student Application Process

Transfer students interested in applying to St. Dominic High School may do so before the start of each semester. Please contact Director of Admissions Bobbie Peters at or call (636) 240-8303 ext. 108 for an application.

Transfer students are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Transcripts and standardized test scores
  • Last three grades completed from high school and/or grade school
  • Student's most current report card and course schedule
  • Attendance record
  • Discipline record
  • IEP, special education progress reports (if applicable)


Students Transferring from Other Schools

If a student transfers from a school accredited by NCA or by one of the other five regional accrediting associations, the student's credits will be accepted. These credits will count toward the cumulative credits required for graduation. The student will not transfer any cumulative grade point average. Exceptions to accepted credits include, but are not limited to, classes that are considered study skills, tutorials, and driver's education classes. Students transferring from an unaccredited school or a school accredited by another organization will have to discuss accepted credits with the principal.

Please note: Senior transfers are generally limited to student relocation or other unusual circumstances.