All athletes must have a current physical in order to participate.  A current physical is a physical dated after February 1, 2016 for the upcoming school year - 2016-2017.  Click here to get a copy of the 4 page MSHSAA physical form.

Injury recovery program R.I.C.E. - Click here to read (will open in a new window).

Fall Teams

Football 9th, JV, Varsity   Men's Cross Country JV and Varsity
Ladies' Volleyball 9th, JV, Varsity   Men's Soccer 9th, JV, Varsity
Ladies' Softball JV and Varsity   Cheerleading 9th, JV, Varsity
Ladies' Tennis JV and Varsity   Dance Team Varsity
Ladies' Cross Country JV and Varsity   Ladies' Golf JV and Varsity


Winter Teams

Ladies' Basketball 9th, JV, Varsity
Men's Basketball 9th, JV, Varsity
Ladies' Swimming Varsity


Spring Teams

9th, JV, Varsity            Men's Golf                
JV and Varsity                      
Track and Field JV and Varsity   Men's Tennis JV and Varsity
Ladies' Soccer 9th, JV, Varsity                 Men's Volleyball JV and Varsity
Ladies' Lacrosse JV and Varsity