Service Learning

One of the most extensive and important aspects of spreading the Gospel here at St. Dominic is our Christian Service Program. Through this program, we encourage our students to offer their talents and themselves in active service to others. Their service and the reflection process that accompanies it will nurture and instill the values of compassion, respect, and openness toward others as fellow children of our God.

Community Service

All St. Dominic students must complete at least 100 hours of volunteer community service as a graduation requirement. We do this because service is integral to the Catholic faith. Also, performing service for others is part of the four pillars of St. Dominic High School: prayer, study, community and service.

The idea of service projects is to go beyond yourself and your everyday world to experience a broader view of society and then reflect upon your service. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn, experience and grow.

Service Program Requirements

Service must be done outside of regular school hours, and cannot be associated with student activities at school. Students are required to write a reflection paper about their service for religion class each year. A student's service may take many forms: volunteering at a hospital, visiting at a nursing home, helping elderly neighbors with chores or repairs, assisting at parish activities, or at a non-profit organization that serves others.