Scholarships, Grants & Financial Assistance

Class of 2022 Scholarship Opportunities

Class of 2022 scholarship applications will be posted online February 1, 2018. Applications are due March 17 and recipients will be notified May 12. Only registered incoming students are eligible to apply for scholarships.

Academic Scholarship – $1,500 to all qualifying students

  • ITBS (or comparable achievement test) composite score of 95% or higher in both seventh and eighth grades
  • "A" average for final report card of the seventh grade year and both the first and second quarter of the eighth grade year
  • Good attendance and discipline record

Amy E. Dickherber Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 to two students

  • Application-based

Catholic Elementary Teacher/Administrator Scholarship

  • One child at St. Dominic – $500
  • Two children at St. Dominic – $900
  • Three Children at St. Dominic – $1,200

Composition Scholarship – $1,000 to three students

  • Essay submission
  • For students who excel in writing
  • Renewable

Dolly Reller Scholarship

  • Need-based
  • For students from a single-parent home

Dominican Scholarship

  • Essay submission
  • Need-based
  • Requires 10 hours of service at St. Dominic events

First Responder Family Scholarship – $1,000 to three students

  • Application-based
  • For children of police officers, firefighters or paramedics
  • Renewable

Leadership Scholarship – $1,500 to two students

  • Principal recommendation
  • For students who have demonstrated leadership throughout elementary school
  • Renewable with condition of being in good behavioral standing at St. Dominic

Legacy Scholarship – $500 to five students

  • Application-based
  • For students who are the child or grandchild of a St. Dominic alumnus

Military Family Scholarship – $1,000 to two students

  • Application-based
  • For children of active, retired or reserve military personnel
  • Renewable

Outstanding Service Scholarship – $1,000 to four students

  • Application-based
  • For students who have displayed a history of serving others
  • Annual requirement of performing 40 service hours per school year
  • Hours accrue June 1-May 31

Performance Arts Scholarship – $1,000 to three students

  • Application-based
  • For students who excel in theatre, band or chorus
  • Requires annual participation in a St. Dominic performing arts group

Robotics Scholarship – $1,000 to two students

  • Robotics instructor recommended
  • For students actively involved in robotics teams
  • Requires annual participation in the St. Dominic robotics program or engineering courses

STEM Scholarship – $1,000 to four students

  • Teacher recommendation
  • For students who excel in any combination of science, technology, engineering and math
  • Renewable

Visual Arts Scholarship – $1,000 to one student

  • Application/portfolio-based
  • For a student who excels in visual art
  • Requires annual enrollment in a visual art class or active participation in the Art Club or similar organization


Grants and Financial Assistance

We make every effort to keep tuition at St. Dominic as low as possible. However, understanding that this investment may create a financial burden for some families, St. Dominic provides partial tuition grants and summer work to students who demonstrate financial need.

Annually, we provide assistance for approximately 35% of students. To be eligible for this assistance, families should complete the Student Aid Form from PSAS and the SDHS Tuition Assistance Application.

Please refer to our Tuition & Tuition Assistance page as a guide for descriptions of financial assistance offered at St. Dominic and the forms needed for the process.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding tuition assistance, please email Sandy Sachs ( in our Business Office.