Learning Consultant

The Learning Consultant, Mr. Andrew Wilson, acts as a resource to teachers, parents, administrators, and students regarding services for students with mild or moderate special needs. His responsibilities include reviewing diagnostic and evaluation reports, developing student learning profiles, meeting and communicating with teachers, students, parents, tutors, and other specialists who work with students outside the classroom. The Learning Consultant is also involved in admitting students with special needs, coordinating special testing, and being an advocate for students and parents.

Documentation Requirements

Students with current documentation of a special need diagnosed by a qualified professional can be afforded reasonable and appropriate services and accommodations at St. Dominic High School.

  • Current means a diagnostic report or evaluation completed within the last three years.
  • Documentation means that the report of diagnostic evaluation identifies a special condition that impacts a student's ability to perform in the school setting.
  • Special need means an area of functioning that is significantly different from an established norm in the learning environment. This definition includes physical or neurological disabilities, learning disabilities, visual or auditory disabilities, and behavioral or attention disorders.
  • Diagnosed by a qualified professional means that the evaluation and reporting was done by a licensed or certified specialist in the appropriate field.
  • Services and accommodations include specific recommendations from the qualified professional for addressing the student's special need in the school setting.

Parents must submit a copy of their child's current evaluation report(s) or a Diagnostic Information Form, which must be completed by the diagnosing or treating professional.

In addition, parents must submit a signed Authorization for Exchange of Information (new window), which allows the Learning Consultant to communicate directly with specialists and agencies regarding the student's special need. In the event that parents do not submit complete information and/or will not cooperate in ensuring that professionals who provide services to their child provide complete information, the school may postpone any further consideration of admission or deny continued enrollment.

ACT Accommodations

Students with diagnosed disabilities may have the opportunity to take the ACT with accommodations; however, even with current documentation of a diagnosed special need, there is no guarantee that ACT will approve your request for accommodations. If you would like to request accommodations, please contact the Learning Consultant to initiate the application process. More information regarding ACT's services for students with disabilities can be found at www.actstudent.org/regist/disab/ (opens in a new window).

Helpful Forms & Links

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Educational Needs Form
Diagnostic Information Form
Authorization for Exchange of Information
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ACT Special Testing Application