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As a Catholic educational institution, St. Dominic High School prepares students to think critically, problem-solve, discern truth from a variety of resources, research, present learning in a variety of ways, and create, store, and retrieve information. To assist with this goal, all students at St. Dominic High School use a personally owned iPad. View iPad video


iPad & Technology Q&A

Does SDHS require all students to have an iPad?
Yes, all students who attend St. Dominic High School are required to purchase an iPad.

Which iPad should I buy?
St. Dominic recommends, at minimum, the 64 GB iPad Air. Since the iPads will be using our Wi-Fi network, no data package is required. Several of our students currently use the iPad Mini and are pleased with their device. However, the majority of our students utilize a full-sized iPad.

Do students need to purchase any apps?
St. Dominic High School provides all of the iBooks and apps that are used in each student’s coursework. These items are given to students at the start of each school year.

Should we purchase any iPad accessories?
Yes. St. Dominic recommends students have a cover or case to protect their device from damage. Any brand cover/case is acceptable. The majority of our students find a keyboard very helpful, too.

Does St. Dominic provide financial aid for the purchase of an iPad?
No. St. Dominic is committed to helping families, but all available funding must still go toward scholarships and financial aid for school tuition.

May students opt to use a different type of tablet?
No. While St. Dominic recognizes other electronic devices or tablets exist, our curriculum exclusively uses the iPad.

Does St. Dominic sell iPads?
No. Given the widespread availability of iPads by different retailers, parents are to make the purchase from a company or store of their choice. To have the iPads belong to the school would create staffing problems and other issues.

Is most of the student work paperless?
Yes. All students have an app called eBackpack. Through this app, students and teachers exchange assignments and projects for all classes.

What happens if a student breaks his or her iPad? What if it goes missing or stolen?
Similar to cell phones, the iPad is the property of the family who purchased it. It is up to the student to properly care for, protect and secure his or her iPad at all times. Parents should strongly consider purchasing an extended care or insurance program available from Apple at the time of purchase. Please know that replacement programs cover damage or malfunctions, not lost or stolen iPads.


iPad Apps

Please download the FREE apps below to your iPad before school begins.

St. Dominic provides the following apps for the students:  Notability and Photon