College Guidance

The basis of St. Dominic High School's College Guidance Department rests on three essential pillars: 

  • Be known, available, and approachable to students.
  • Be proactive and innovative in all matters.
  • Be creative in the development of programs that build on strong relationships.

Mr. Blake Markway is the College Guidance Coordinator for freshmen and sophomores. He may be reached at or (636) 240-8303 ext. 222. Specific tasks for this position include:

  • assisting freshmen with their high school transition
  • ensuring all freshmen and sophomores are familiar with Missouri Connections and all begin or update their high school resumes
  • leading registration process of course selection for freshmen and sophomores
  • coordinating a college field trip for all sophomores
  • working closely with the Freshman Advisory Program
  • coordinating the PLAN and EXPLORE standardized tests
  • overseeing the overall academic progress of all freshmen and sophomores
  • building strong relationship with students and their parents to best serve their needs 

Mrs. Darla Strecker is the College Guidance Coordinator for juniors and seniors. She may be reached at or (636) 240-8303 ext. 123. Specific tasks for this position include: 

  • meeting with individual students, starting with a transition meeting for all exiting sophomores each May
  • assisting students in updating their resumes
  • providing direct college guidance for parents and students, including scholarship information, college information, and interest inventory information
  • overseeing all aspects of the ACT testing
  • overseeing academic progress of all juniors and seniors
  • building strong relationships with students and their parents to best serve their needs

Please feel free to contact the College Guidance Coordinators with any questions or help that may be needed. Working together, we can provide the support and services students need to be successful in high school and college.