Grading Scale

Grades are interpreted as follows:

A = 93 - 100Superior Work

Scale of Conduct:

Satisfactory Conduct
Conduct Needs Improvement
Unsatisfactory Conduct

B = 86 - 92Above Average Work
C = 77 - 85Average Work
D = 70 - 76Below Average Work
F = 0 - 69Failing Work
I =Incomplete Work

Grade Reports

Reports for the first and third quarters are distributed to all parents at parent-teacher conferences. Reports for first and second semester are mailed home. St. Dominic High School uses the Edline program as a means to communicate up-to-date grades for each student electronically with the student and his/her parents.

Exam Grades

Exams are given at the end of each semester. The exam grade will count for 20% of the semester grade. Semester grades are calculated by averaging the two quarters in the semester along with the semester exam. Each quarter receives 40% weight while the exam is weighted 20% of the semester grade.