Staff & Faculty Directory


Administrative Team
Name   Ext Title Email
Ms. Cathy Fetter Ed.S 101 President
Mrs. Janet Eaton M.A. 102 Principal
Mr. Mathew George Ed.S 103 Assistant Principal
Ms. Cheri Joyce M.S. 106 Dean of Students
Mr. Jim Welby M.A. 105 Athletic Director
Advancement Office        
Mrs. Cindy Johnson B.S. 109 Advancement Director
Mrs. Beth Runge B.S. 119 Associate Director of Advancement
Mr. Michael Wade M.B.A. 108 Director of Admissions & Marketing
Mrs. Mary Enloe B.S. 122 Advancement Assistant
Professional Staff        
Mrs. Sally Garrett   117 Main Office Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Ann Meuth A.A. 118 Athletic Secretary
Mrs. Nancy Molitor   120 Computer Operator
Mrs. Amy Pohl   124 Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Sandy Sachs   116 Bookkeeper / Tuition Accts
Mrs. Mindy Sherman B.S. 115 Bookkeeper/Business Manager
Mr. Steve Wing   125 Facilities Manager
Mrs. Ania Wyant B.A. 121 Administrative Assistant
Mr. Jason Asher B.S.   Social Studies
Mrs. Joneva Beckmann B.S.   Math  
Ms. Jody Boschert B.S.   Math  
Mr. Phil Brotherton B.A. 219 Math
Mrs. Barbara Caldwell B.A. 207 Math
Mr. Tom Cella M.S. 209 Math
Mr. Gregory Cissell M.A. 211 Music
Mr. Nathan Doerr B.A. 200 Religion
Mrs. Amanda Drachnik M.A.   Math  
Mr. Noah Duncan B.A. 215 English
Mrs. Kelly Faulkner M.A.   Academic Advisor  
Mrs. Ella Felty M.E.T. 217 Business
Mrs. Melfreya Findley B.A. 232 Drama
Mrs. Mary Fridley M.A. 151 Librarian
Ms. Mary Kate Galvan B.A. 212 Spanish
Mrs. Trisha Goins B.A. 241 English
Mrs. Kristy Hagan B.S.   Computer Science  
Mr. Daniel Hancock M.A. 224 English
Mrs. Staci Hayes M.Ed. 220 Social Studies
Mr. Robert Hennekes B.S. 206 Science
Mrs. Nancy Holden-Nims M.A   English  
Mrs. Deborah Johnson M.A. 144 Religion
Mr. Gregory Koeller B.S. 225 Religion
Mr. Adam Kuebler B.A. 208 Social Studies
Mrs. Shelley Lang B.S.   Campus Ministry  
Mr. Justin Margadonna M.A.   English  
Mr. Blake Markway B.S.   College Guidance Coordinator
Ms. Linnsie McMahan B.A. 235 P.E. / Health
Mr. Dennis Matthews B.A. 228 Social Studies
Dr. Daniel Matusiak Ed.D. 229 Science
Ms. Caroline McClure B.S. 243 Science
Mr. Jeff Menke B.S.   Physical Education  
Mrs. Suzanne Mennemeier B.S. 231 Business
Mr. Scott Moore B.A.   Social Studies  
Mr. Kevan Morshed M.A.   French  
Ms. Jacqueline Moutray M.A. 210 Math
Ms. Elizabeth Murphy B.S. 166 Technology Coordinator
Ms. Mary Nasser M.F.A. 234 Art
Mrs. Norma Overberg M.A. 233 English
Mr. Rick Overberg B.A. 221 Religion
Ms. Betsy Paszkiewicz B.A. 230 Religion
Mrs. Joan Potthast M.A. 238 English / Fine Arts
Mrs. Laurie Savant M.A.T. 237 Science
Mr. Frank Schlenke B.A. 239 Science
Mrs. Darla Strecker M.A. 123 College Guidance Coordinator
Mr. Andrew Struttmann B.A.   Campus Ministry  
Ms. Kathryn Sullivan M.A. 213 Spanish
Ms. Renee Thomas M.A. 227 Science
Mr. Brandon Westlake B.S.   Social Studies  
Mr. Andrew Wilson M.A. 143 Learning Consultant
Mr. Matthew Winkelmann M.A. 240 Religion
Ms. Allison Zilka B.A. 242 Spanish