Faculty & Staff Directory

Administrative Team

Jim Welby

Mr. Jim Welby, B.S.PresidentExtension: 101 | Send Email

Janet Eaton

Mrs. Janet Eaton, Ed.S.PrincipalExtension: 102 | Send Email

Mathew George

Mr. Mathew George, Ed.S.Assistant PrincipalExtension: 103 | Send Email

Suzanne Mennemeier

Mrs. Suzanne Mennemeier, B.S.DeanExtension: 106 | Send Email

Kevin Roberts

Mr. Kevin Roberts, M.Ed.Athletic DirectorExtension: 105 | Send Email

Advancement Office

Sarah Wehde

Mrs. Sarah Wehde, B.S.Director of AdvancementExtension: 109 | Send Email

Bobbie Peters

Mrs. Bobbie Peters, A.A.Director of AdmissionsExtension: 108 | Send Email

Megan Gilmore

Mrs. Megan Gilmore, M.A.Director of Communications and MarketingExtension: 110 | Send Email

Mary Enloe

Mrs. Mary Enloe, B.S.Advancement AssistantExtension: 122 | Send Email

Professional Staff

Sally Garrett

Mrs. Sally GarrettMain Office Administrative AssistantExtension: 117 | Send Email

Sue Halvorson

Mrs. Sue HalvorsonRegistrar/Adminstrative AssistantExtension: 124 | Send Email

Ann Meuth

Mrs. Ann Meuth, A.A.Administrative AssistantExtension: 121 | Send Email


Mrs. Sandy SachsBookkeeper/Tuition AccountsExtension: 116 | Send Email

Mindy Sherman

Mrs. Mindy Sherman '74, B.S.Bookkeeper/Business ManagerExtension: 115 | Send Email

Steven Wing

Mr. Steve WingFacilities ManagerExtension: 125 | Send Email

Ania Wyant

Mrs. Ania Wyant, B.A.Athletic SecretaryExtension: 118 | Send Email


Jason Asher

Mr. Jason Asher, M.A.Social StudiesExtension: 201 | Send Email

Ashley Brannock

Mrs. Ashley Brannock, B.A.FrenchExtension: 248 | Send Email

Gregory Cissell

Mr. Gregory Cissell, M.A.MusicExtension: 211 | Send Email

Noah Duncan

Mr. Noah Duncan, B.A.English/iPad CoordinatorExtension: 215 | Send Email

Kelly Faulkner

Mrs. Kelly Faulkner, M.A.Academic AdvisorExtension: 114 | Send Email

Chris Fechtel

Mr. Chris Fechtel, B.A.ReligionExtension: 230 | Send Email

Melfreya Findley

Mrs. Melfreya Findley, B.A.DramaExtension: 232 | Send Email

Shannon Fox

Ms. Shannon FoxIndividualized CurriculumExtension: 233 | Send Email

Trisha Goins

Mrs. Trisha Goins '99, B.A.EnglishExtension: 241 | Send Emails

Kathryn Guzman

Mrs. Kathryn Guzman '02, M.A.SpanishExtension: 213 | Send Email

Kristy Hagan

Mrs. Kristy Hagan, B.S.Computer ScienceExtension: 204 | Send Email

Daniel Hancock

Mr. Daniel Hancock, M.A.EnglishExtension: 224 | Send Email

Staci Hayes

Mrs. Staci Hayes, M.Ed.Social StudiesExtension: 220 | Send Email

Robert Hennekes

Mr. Robert Hennekes, B.S.ScienceExtension: 206 | Send Email

Nancy Holden-Nims

Mrs. Nancy Holden-Nims, M.A.EnglishExtension: 250 | Send Email

Deborah Johnson

Mrs. Deborah Johnson, M.A.ReligionExtension: 144 | Send Email

Laura Kenny

Ms. Laura Kenny, B.A.EnglishExtension: 238 | Send Email

Gregory Koeller

Mr. Gregory Koeller, B.S.ReligionExtension: 225 | Send Email

Adam Kuebler

Mr. Adam Kuebler '03, B.A.Social StudiesExtension: 208 | Send Email

Shelley Lang

Mrs. Shelley Lang, B.S.Campus MinistryExtension: 107 | Send Email

Justin Margadonna

Mr. Justin Margadonna, M.A.EnglishExtension: 236 | Send Email

Blake Markway

Mr. Blake Markway, B.S.College Guidance CoordinatorExtension: 222 | Send Email

Daniel Matusiak

Dr. Daniel Matusiak, Ed.D.ScienceExtension: 229 | Send Email

Jeff Menke

Mr. Jeff Menke, B.S.Physicial EducationExtension: 218 | Send Email

Scott Moore

Mr. Scott Moore, B.A.Social StudiesExtension: 202 | Send Email

Elizabeth Murphy

Ms. Elizabeth Murphy, B.S.Technology CoordinatorExtension: 166 | Send Email

Mary Nasser

Ms. Mary Nasser, M.F.A.ArtExtension: 234 | Send Email

Nikki Playle

Mrs. Nikki Playle, M.A.Media SpecialistExtension: 151 | Send Email

Kasey Roberts

Mrs. Kasey Roberts, M.A.BusinessExtension: 231 | Send Email

Laurie Savant

Mrs. Laurie Savant, M.A.T.ScienceExtension: 237 | send Email

Frank Schlenke

Mr. Frank Schlenke, B.A.ScienceExtension: 239 | Send Email

Nikki Schuler

Mrs. Nikki Schuler, M.A.EnglishExtension: 228 | Send Email

Bill Strecker

Mr. Bill Strecker, M.A.MathExtension: 209 | Send Email

Darla Strecker

Mrs. Darla Strecker, M.A.College Guidance CoordinatorExtension: 123 | Send Email

Andrew Struttmann

Mr. Andrew Struttmann, B.A.Campus MinistryExtension: 104 | Send Email

Renee Thomas

Ms. Renee Thomas, M.A.ScienceExtension: 227 | Send Email

Andrew Wilson

Mr. Andrew Wilson, M.A.Learning ConsultantExtension: 143 | Send Email

Mr. Matthew Winkelmann '06, M.A.ReligionExtension: 240 | Send Email

Lyn Zelnis

Mrs. Lyn Zelnis '98, B.A.Physical EducationExtension: 235 | Send Email

Jim Zuroweste

Mr. Jim Zuroweste, B.A.Science/MathExtension: 221 | Send Email

Facilities Staff

Phil Burkemper

Mr. Phil Burkemper '72FacilitiesExtension: 125 | Send Email

JoAnn Gray

Mrs. JoAnn Gray, B.S.FacilitiesExtension: 125 | Send Email

Heidi Havrilla

Mrs. Heidi Havrilla '89, B.S.FacilitiesExtension: 125 | Send Email

St. Dominic Crusaders

Mr. Bernie Mennemeier '85FacilitiesExtension: 125 | Send Email

Doug Orf

Mr. Doug Orf '10FacilitiesExtension: 125 | Send Email

Ron Vail

Mr. Ron VailFacilitiesExtension: 125 | Send Email