As stated in our philosophy, "through academic, spiritual, athletic, extracurricular, and service programs, St. Dominic provides the opportunity for students to discover, develop, and use their God-given talents". Many extra-curricular activities are available at SDHS to help meet this goal outside of the formal classroom environment. We encourage our students to become involved in activities of their interest. These activities build character, confidence and promote mental, physical and moral development. Students from diverse backgrounds are offered a means to learn positive life skills needed to be valuable members in society. Participation promotes teamwork, dedication, commitment, self-discipline, unity and school pride.

In addition to our Athletic programs St. Dominic High School offers a vast assortment of co-curricular activities.

  • Ambassadors
  • Book Club
  • Fall/Winter Play
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • French Club
  • Future Business Leaders of America
  • Gaming Club
  • Math Team
  • Music Inc.
  • Musical
  • National Art Honor Society
  • National Honor Society
  • Outreach
  • Peer Ministers
  • Pro-Life Club
  • Robotics Team
  • Senior Advisors
  • Spanish Club
  • St. Dominic Writers Guild
  • Student Council

AMBASSADORS:  The Ambassadors are a group of students selected to serve as representatives of the school.  They host prospective students in our Shadowing program, provide tours at Open House, assist local grade schools when needed and perform other activities of a public relations nature throughout the school year.

BOOK CLUB:  Members discuss and share good books, hear about new books which are being added to the school library and are encouraged to suggest books for purchase.

FALL/WINTER PLAY:  Open to all students, the plays showcase student acting talent and artistic ability as students give generously of their time and talent.  The plays are non-musical.

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES:  For athletes and those interested in athletics, to gather for Christian fellowship around the common bond of sports and Jesus Christ.

FRENCH CLUB:  This club promotes an understanding of the French culture. 

FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA:  FBLA is a national organization for high school students interested in business.  Membership is open to students in grades 9–12 who are enrolled in or have completed a business or computer class.  Club members learn about business and compete in district and state competitions. 

GAMING CLUB:  The purpose of this club is to provide a weekly, after school, gathering for students to do any kind of games including, but not limited to, chess, board games, card games and video games. 

MATH TEAM:  This team is for students who like math and are interested in learning about topics not studied in regular math classes.  Emphasis is on problem solving and preparation for math contests during the year.  The team sponsors the St. Dominic High School Math Festival for elementary schools. 

MUSIC INC:  (in the name of Christ):  These singers and musicians meet regularly to prepare praise and worship music for all school masses, class masses and Graduation.  The group is open to students of all grade levels and we welcome abilities of all types among our vocalists! Music INC meets on Wednesdays in the Hub (room 221) during Contact Time.

MUSICAL:  Presented each spring, the musical showcases musical, dramatic, and artistic ability as students give generously of their time and talent. 

NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY:  The NAHS is a local chapter of a national organization that recognizes students who excel in art and have personal qualities of good citizenship, leadership, service, and character.  Minimum eligibility requirements are: students must be in grade 10-12, currently enrolled in an art class or have successfully completed at least one year of art at St. Dominic High School.  Transfer students must have a letter from their art teacher and must fulfill requirements of this chapter.  Eligible students are asked to complete an application form.  Enrollment is limited. 

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY:  The purpose of the National Honor Society (NHS) is to give recognition to outstanding students.  Membership in the NHS is recognized nationally as one of the highest honors that a high school student receives.  Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student based upon a combination of scholarship, good citizenship and personal qualities of leadership, service, attendance, and character.  

NHS Eligibility

Students who meet the following minimum eligibility standards are invited to complete a student information form and return it to the NHS sponsor.  Students are also required to obtain three or more faculty recommendations given directly to the NHS sponsor.  Students:

  • Must be a member of the junior or senior class
  • Must have an accumulative GPA of 3.5 on an unweighted scale
  • Shall have spent the equivalent of one semester in attendance at St. Dominic High School.  Transfer students must have a letter from their advisor, and after one semester must fulfill the requirements of this chapter.

NHS Selection

  • The NHS Faculty Council as appointed by the Principal meets, reviews, and evaluates the information given on the individual student and faculty recommendation forms.
  • Evidence of leadership is judged on the student’s participation in clubs and other school activities.  Students should maintain at least one leadership role in some activity in each year.
  • Evidence of service is judged on the student’s participation in service-oriented activities at school and in the community.  Students should participate in at least 2 service-oriented projects each year.  (This is beyond the 25 hours a year required for graduation.)
  • Evidence of character is judged on the student’s qualities of honesty, concern and respect for others and the school in general.  Students should comply with school regulations and be willing to work for the betterment of the school.
  • The Faculty Council votes individually on the eligible students.  All qualities are considered to be of equal importance.  Votes are tallied and students who receive majority votes are notified by letter of their selection for membership.
  • At a later date, a formal ceremony is held in which the new members are officially inducted into the St. Dominic High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.
  • All students who are inducted into the NHS are reviewed twice a year to see that they are maintaining the standards of leadership, service and character.  Students who fall behind in these areas will receive a letter of warning and are given one semester to bring themselves back into compliance with the standards of this chapter of the NHS before dismissal procedures are initiated.  

OUTREACH:  Members organize and participate in service projects to benefit the local and greater community.  Students also sponsor the weekly mission collections for organizations that help those in need.  The club is open to all students who are interested in helping others. 

PEER MINISTERS:  Peer Ministers are role models, mentors and faith challengers for fellow students of St. Dominic High School.  By focusing on deepening their faith they foster growth in students and invite them to a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.  By their witness and through discipleship they encourage teens to full active participation in the sacraments, offered at both SDHS and at their local parish.   Requirements:

  • Juniors are eligible to apply during 2nd semester
  • Applicants must have 3.00 GPA or higher, and be up to date on service hours and have good attendance
  • Applicants must submit 2 teacher/administrator recommendations
  • Applicants must complete application form
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee that is appointed by the Principal
  • Applicants may be part of an interview process prior to selection

Once selected, students will be notified and expected to serve the following school year beginning in August.  As seniors they will experience a team retreat and begin to prepare to serve throughout the year at events such as:

  • New student Orientation, Open House
  • Junior Retreats
  • Freshman, Sophomore & Senior Days of Prayer
  • Reconciliation, Adoration, Mass Set Up
  • Prayer Experiences

PRO-LIFE CLUB:  The basic goal is to promote respect for life from conception to natural death.  Highlights of the club include a trip to the Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. and multiple fundraising and educational opportunities. Open to all students. 

ROBOTICS:  Students apply real-world science and math concepts to design, build, and program robots to compete in an alliance against other teams in the game.  In addition to competing in the challenge matches, students also participate in outreach efforts to mentor younger robotics teams.

SENIOR ADVISORS:  The Senior Advisors assist with the Freshman Advisory Program, serving as a mentor, teacher, and resource for the freshmen students.  Senior Advisors are chosen though an application process conducted in the spring of the junior year.  Requirements:

  • Juniors are eligible to apply during 2nd semester
  • Applicants must complete application form
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee that is appointed by the Principal
  • Applicants will be interviewed by a panel of Freshman Advisor Teachers

SPANISH CLUB:  This club promotes an understanding of the Spanish culture.

ST. DOMINIC WRITERS GUILD:  This group is the school’s online literary magazine.  Students meet weekly to take part in writing prompts. Students can submit poetry, short stories, art work, or even full novels.

STUDENT COUNCIL:  The purpose of the student council is to provide a forum for student expression; promote good morale, school spirit and unity; provide direction and implementation of those school activities assigned to it; encourage school and community service and awareness; promote student leadership and representation.  Student Council consists of Senior officers, class presidents, and class representatives.  All regular meetings are open meetings for any student wishing to attend.