Annual Crusade-Advancing Our Mission Together

The St. Dominic High School Annual Giving Program

An annual campaign is best described as a campaign conducted each and every year for the purpose of raising money to assist an organization in paying its ongoing expenses. The money raised is most commonly used to offset an operational deficit, but it can be applied to any purpose. The annual campaign is usually an organization's primary source of unrestricted contributed income and should be a mainstay of its fundraising efforts.

2015/16 Annual Crusade Purpose & Goal

  • Supports on-going operational expenses and help close the "gap" between tuition and the cost to educate
  • Financial goal this year: $125,000
  • Continues through the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2016

Financial support from the entire community is critical, as it allows SDHS to offer an education over and above what is possible through tuition alone. To be able to close the gap this year between tuition and the cost to educate, we must make up for a $570,000 operating deficit, the equivalent of $629 per student enrolled this year. It is through your support of special event fundraisers and, most importantly, your charitable support of the Annual Crusade that we are able to close that gap and offer the excellent instruction and activities that parents expect, while still keeping tution affordable.

Gift Deadline

To be recognized as a 2015/16 Annual Crusade donor, your gift must be received by 6/30/16. We thank all those who supported St. Dominic High School's Annual Crusade last year, and we pray that even more will join alumni, parents, grandparents and friends of the St. Dominic community in supporting families in their desire to provide a quality Catholic secondary education for their children.

2014/15 Annual Crusade

Thank you to the Annual Crusade donors and other donations we received in the 2014/15 school year to help our students and our school.  Your contributions made an important difference and are greatly appreciated.

2014-15 SDHS Annual Crusader Giving Report

2013/14 SDHS Annual Crusade Giving Report