Admissions Criteria & Procedures

Admissions Criteria

In accepting students, we look for young people who can profit from and contribute to the educational and Catholic mission of St. Dominic High School.

We admit students on the basis of academic, behavior, and discipline records from the previous school, and the recommendation of the pastor and/or principal of the elementary school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national/ethnic origin.

We give priority to those whose families have supported our school and Catholic education in general and students of faculty and staff. The education of a student is a partnership between the parents and the school. We expect parents to cooperate with the teachers and administration in the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development of their children.

Families need to meet all financial obligations associated with attending St. Dominic High School. Just as the parent has the right to withdraw a child if desired, the school administration reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student if the administration determines that the partnership is irretrievably broken. We also expect that all parents will volunteer to help at the various events and times when volunteer assistance is needed.

Admissions Procedures

Acceptance is conditional upon successful completion of the entrance evaluation process. The decision to admit a student will be made only after a thorough review of the student's previous school records and all records relating to the student's needs.

Failure to supply pertinent information may result in denial of admission. Admission may be revoked if educational and financial obligations are not met at the previous school. Additional criteria for admission would be parents and students pledge their support of the concepts upheld in our Witness Statement in the Student/Parent Handbook.