Academic Services

Peer-To-Peer Tutoring Program

Students requiring additional assistance in their studies can sign up for tutoring from teacher-nominated students who contain an expertise in a particular subject area. The program helps both those students being tutored and those completing the tutoring -- everyone learns and benefits.

Tutors who complete a tutoring session keep teachers informed of progress with our Peer Tutor "Log" Form (link opens in a new window).

College Guidance Coordinators  

Mr. Kevin Roberts, (Freshman/Sophomore) Mrs. Mary Bodlovich (Junior/Senior A-K), and Mrs. Darla Strecker (Junior/Senior L-Z) work to help the student develop academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Their responsibilities include school acclimation, college planning, career information, testing, student personal concerns and problems in school, class scheduling, NCAA and NAIA Clearing Houses, credit checks and helping with credit deficiencies, parent consultations, and referrals to outside resources. 

Learning Consultant

Mr. Andrew Wilson,acts as a resource to teachers, parents, administrators, and students regarding services for students with mild or moderate special needs.  His responsibilities include reviewing diagnostic and evaluation reports, developing student profiles and IEP’s, meeting with teachers, students, parents, communicating with tutors and other specialists who work with the students outside the classroom, admitting students with special needs, coordinating special testing, and being an advocate for students and parents.