Academic Services

Peer-To-Peer Tutoring Program

Students requiring additional assistance in their studies can sign up for tutoring from teacher-nominated students who contain an expertise in a particular subject area. The program helps both those students being tutored and those completing the tutoring -- everyone learns and benefits.

Tutors who complete a tutoring session keep teachers informed of progress with our Peer Tutor "Log" Form (link opens in a new window).

Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counselors serve as a resource to both the student and parent. The services of the counselors may include:

  • Academic tracking for graduation
  • Career planning
  • College selection
  • Relationship building
  • Life skills teaching

At St. Dominic High School, a student has the same counselor for 4 years. The advantages of this include that the student and counselor will have four years to develop a relationship, it will provide the counselor an opportunity to get to know parents, and offer a continuity of services and thus be more effective.

Guidance Counseling Center
The St. Dominic Counseling Center has three full-time counselors who are available on all regular school days from 7:50 A.M.-3:10 P.M. Students and parents may contact their teen's counselor via phone, e-mail or call the main office for general information during regular business hours.